Doing the “I Do”

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Relax in a Cute Bride T-Shirt

January 17, 2013

Whether you're kicking back before the wedding or after, it never hurts to have a cute shirt to show you're the bride! Read More >

Unique Wedding Finger Foods

January 10, 2013

This week we're out to prove that wedding appetizers don't have to be cheese and fruit platters. Read More >

It's Easy to Have a Confetti Wedding!

January 3, 2013

Is confetti the new glitter? Read More >

Wedding Traditions: Why Do We Give Guests Wedding Favors?

December 20, 2012

This week we're wondering: Why do we give guests wedding favors? Read More >

Get Creative: DIY Bride and Groom Chairs

December 13, 2012

Here are some simple, yet clever, ways to adorn the first chairs you will sit in as a married couple. Read More >

How to Accessorize for a Winter Wedding

December 6, 2012

Take your winter wedding ensemble to the next level by adding one of these accessories! Read More >