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Invitation Inspiration for 9 of the Best Wedding Themes

August 5, 2011

Though sometimes overlooked, your chosen wedding invitations say a lot about you and your partner as a couple. The invitations you select set your guests’ expectations for your wedding, and rightly so. These creations are the first glimpse people have into your minds as the “bride and groom”. Since invitations almost always correlate with the motif of your special day, we have identified nine of the most popular wedding themes and handpicked couture invitations to correlate with each.

1. Glamorous
Lela New York: Silk Gatefold Folio Invitation

Silk Gatefold Folio Invitation

2. Beachy
Paper Stories Letterpress & Design: Vintage Shells Invitation

Vintage Shells Invitation

3. Ultra-Femme
Akimbo: Precious Invitation

Precious Invitatiob

4. Eco-Friendly
Serendipity Beyond Design: Vintage Lemon Wedding (recycled paper)
Vintage Lemon Wedding Invitation

5. Rustic
Rifle Paper Co.: Mountains of North Carolina Invitation

Mountains of North Carolina Invitation

6. Modern
Cheer Up Cherup: Banner Invitation

Banner Invitation

7. Eclectic
Magpie Paper Works: Wood Type Invitation

Wood Type Invitation

8. Vintage
Chewing the Cud: English Rose Invitation

English Rose Invitation

9. Handmade
Sam Dubeau: Eat Cake Invitation

Eat Cake Invitation

By: Kelly Hamilton

Tags: Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Handmade Beachy Glamorous Feminine Rustic Modern Eclectic Vintage

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